Sunday, November 14, 2010

Beer Dinner!?

I attended a beer dinner last night! Beer and food are awesome together. Pizza & beer, game over! BBQ & beer, sign me up!! Tacos & beer, absolutely!!!

That's why last night was a little bit of a disappointment! To surmise: Don't over-think the room!!! Each of the beers was a little thin, and didn't have a complete aspect to any of the parts. I wasn't into the poor execution of thinly crafted 'artisan' beer. Aspects of each beer were acceptable, but they were not by any stretch of the imagination perfect, or even desirable.

The dinner part wasn't bad actually! I'd prefer to have had the spicy aspects with Gewurztraminer, but some of the preparations required CDP or an Hermitage for good measure.

Following this it was time for some real beer! Blind Pig, a wicked Imperial Stout & Chimay all fit the bill. This was followed by my favorite at home: Dogfish Head! Game over!

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